Phoenix Wailer Mk IV

Mk IV Ag with speakerThe Phoenix Wailer Mk IV Bird Deterrent is an effective bird control system. There different models for varying situations. The Phoenix Wailer Bird Deterrent system is based on the knowledge that birds and some animals habituate to repetitive sounds. Therefore, in order to continually deter birds and some animals, the Phoenix Wailer System incorporates up to 10 minutes of changing natural sounds (See Bird List) and up to 25 electronic sounds. The new Mk IV Wailer which is now available also incorporates up to 200 natural sounds from the sound inventory such as Bird Alarm and Distress calls together with hawks, owls, etc., indigenous to your area. These sounds are moved from each of the speakers located at different places on the unit and also through remote speakers attached to the unit, so that the birds and animals do not get used to the sound coming from one place; the sounds also move around at varying lengths and duration.

The Phoenix Wailer Mk IV is state of the art electronic bird deterrent which creates a zone where it is uncomfortable for most species of birds to remain. The impression of surround sound is created by electronically moving the many different combinations of harsh electronic sounds and natural sounds randomly from speaker to speaker for varying durations, at varying intervals. This unique feature lessens the likelihood of birds becoming familiar with a pattern. This is known as habituation, which often happens with conventional scare devices. As with the Wailer Mk IV it comprises an electronic box in which are mounted two high frequency speakers and four low frequency speakers, plus four outlets for remote speakers. It is powered by a 12 volt battery (an 110v or 220v unit is also available).

The Phoenix Wailer Mk IV differs from the Wailer Mk II in that instead of using ultrasounds they are replaced by natural sounds. These include distress and alarm calls for the target species bird and cries from raptors such as hawks and eagles. This is especially useful as certain species have been found to be resistant to the regular electronic sounds by themselves. So by having the alarm call of the target emitted and then the cries of the predator followed by the distress call of the target species you create a zone where birds will not enter for fear of their own survival. Add this to the regular electronic sounds and you have a potent Bird Deterrent System. The System is also flexible as many birds that cause problems can be deterred by their own cries without using the loud electronic sounds. This is particularly significant for use in noise sensitive areas such as residential areas.

Phoenix Agritech (Canada) is continually adding new sounds to the repertoire of the Mk IV Wailer as customers from around the world identify bird problems. We can now customize a unit to suit the needs of clients in many different countries. The new Mk IV system can be re-programmed by emailing a new program from the manufacturer to a dealer or directly to the customer.

The Wailer Mk IV has the capacity to carry up to 200 different natural sounds in its memory. These are stored on a Micro SD card which can be easily changed by your dealer. Each SD card is specific to your bird situation using the sounds of species indigenous to your location.

E.g., for fruit crops in North America it would include alarm or distress cries of Starlings, Robins, and Sparrows together with the cry of a Red-Tailed Hawk. Each Wailer supplied comes with an SD card which holds all the necessary sounds.