Phoenix Wailer Mk IV Specifications

a) Digital Control for the Electronic and Natural Sounds independently.
b) Light Sensor OR 24 Hour Clock ON/OFF Control.
c) 110/220 volt models can be ordered.
d) Can emit different Natural Sounds at Night then Day (E.g. Owls)
e) Power Supply Level Displayed
f) Optional Strobe Light Attachment
g) Sound fidelity: Up to 44 kHz at any volume
h) Program is carried in a Micro SD card, allowing re-programming by email from the manufacturer

The unit is equipped with external controls to accurately program the unit to determine:

Duration of sound blast
Interval between blasts
Separate day and night selection
Other options and features Include:

Depending on use, will cover up 25 acres
Suitable for agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture, viticulture or industrial uses
Up to 8 remote speakers can be added to enlarge or intensify the effect
3 different types of remote speakers available
Optional strobe light for deterrence of herons; or coyotes on sheep farms