Phoenix Airport Wailer Mk V Specifications


System comprises of:-



1 Master unit with 2 Internal high frequency speakers, plus 2 high volume super-horn speakers attached to master unit, one of which can have a drain hole so it can angled to 45’ for soaring birds (e.g Black Kites, vultures).

4 high volume weatherproof remote super-horn speakers

5 adjustable aluminum stands

4 X 500 FT (152M) shielded cables

System coverage 2500 ft (760M) of runway
Master Unit properties:-  
Power Supply 12 VDC 100 micro-amps off line current
Power Supply Option 110v/220v Electronically controlled transformer OR
12v Deep Cycle Battery + 50W Solar-panel + Regulator
Audio Output Max S.P.L at 500cms (16.5”)   up to 124dB(A)
Sound Field Range Natural sounds .. 1000 ft     Electronic sounds .. 3000 ft
Low Frequency Speakers (2) Weatherproof audio range super-horn speaker 450Hz – 4000Hz
High Frequency Speakers (2) Piezo electric Horn Tweeter 3500Hz – 27000Hz
Temperature Range -30oC to +50oC

Light Setting

Adjustable for all ambient conditions

Automatic night time shutoff, by light sensor or clock

Adjustable for night operation only, or 24 hrs

Sound Emission Cycle Adjustable quiet time between the different sound sequences 2 minutes – 60 minutes
Electronic Sound Blasts Adjustable 2 – 16 seconds per sound
Volume Controls 4 volume level settings for Electronic and Natural Sound modes separately

Operational Description

The operating program is stored onboard in the Phoenix Wailer's memory , it is pre-programmed to be site-specific for location and species of birds. This program can be changed or added to (e.g  a new bird sound) remotely by email link from the program designer.

Operates on 12v. The master unit is equipped with two external press buttons and an electronic display which is used to program the following:-

Quiet time between sound sequences

The system can be ON/OFF function can be controlled by a Light Sensor or a 24 hour clock

 Presets stored in onboard system memory:-

           -Selection of Day and/or Night to emit

           -Variation of sound duration

           - Electronic and Natural Sound sequences

           - Electronic Sounds sequences only

           - Natural Sound sequences only

Choice of Sounds (Up to 25 different electronic sounds, plus up to 200+ Natural Sounds can be programmed into the unit).


The battery power level is displayed  (e.g. 88%)

Volume Control. There are 4 volume levels for each type of sound.

 A powerful strobe light can be added  to the unit.  

Sound fidelity: Up to 44 kHz at any volume

Physical Properties:-  
Size Master Unit 250 X 190 X 150 mm (9.8” X 7.5” X 5.9”)
Weight 4.53 Kgs (10.00lbs)


Body: high impact proof fiberglass filled with Polycarbonate IP.65

Lid: high impact proof Polycarbonate IP.65

Master Unit

Consists of  an electronic circuit board

2 high frequency speakers

2 low frequency super-horn speakers

2 outlets to connect remote speaker cables
Stands 5 Adjustable stands built of marine grade aluminum. Frangible for 10 lbs + impact 


2 X 152 M (500’) grounded/shielded 4 conductor with weatherproof connectors.

2 X 152 M (500’) grounded/shielded 2 conductor with weatherproof connectors
Speakers 6 Super-horn remote speakers
Optional Extra speakers 4 Super-horn 180o reverse side speakers
Ground Rod 1 Stainless Steel  760mm (30”)