Murray Tweedie

M&S Wild Blueberry Farms Ltd.

June 4th, 2021

 Re: Phoenix Wetlands Wailer

In 2020 we purchased two Wetlands Wailers from Phoenix Agritech. We had used the Phoenix Squawker systems in the past, and still do. However, since our acreage has expanded we needed to invest in more bird scaring equipment. We had heard good things about the Phoenix Wailers and when I called Bruce Blacklock to order the wailers, he asked if we had issues with geese, which we did. So, Bruce recommended the Wetlands Wailer which came with a strobe light. We placed both wailers in a 120 acre blueberry field. The results were phenomenal. Not only did we not have issues with geese, there, were, basically, no other birds in the field either. Only on one visit did I see a bird – one single robin! In the past we had issues with cedar waxwings, but no more. I would strongly recommend the Wetlands Wailer for protecting your investment against loss from birds.


Murray Tweedie,
Owner M and S Wild Blueberry Farms
Kouchibouguac, NB

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