Joe Slack

Stillwater Poultry Farm

With the outbreak of Avian Influenza during 2022 in the poultry industry of Nova Scotia, controlling the spread of this disease was critical. Part of this control process was to stop the flying over and landing of wild birds close to our poultry barns. We have experienced the use of Phoenix Agritech Wetlands Wailers to protect lowbush blueberries, from gulls and other species, with amazing results.
It only made sense to contact Bruce Blacklock of Phoenix Agritech to program a Wetlands Wailer to eliminate the threat of wild birds to our poultry barns. Once the unit was installed at our facility, no wild birds flew near or landed near the poultry barns. Eliminating the threat of the spread of Avian Influenza from any wild birds.
If you are concerned about diseases carried by wild birds, I highly recommend contacting Bruce at Phoenix Agritech to determine the proper system for your operation.


Joe Slack
Stillwater Poultry Limited

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