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The Phoenix Airport Wailer Mk IV is a device that causes birds to move away from airport runways, and helipads using bird distress calls, alarm calls and cries of predators.
Wetlands Wailer Mk IV ..
The Phoenix Wetlands Wailer Mk IV has been designed for use in areas where cables and remote speakers and cables are a nuisance
Wetlands Wailer Vineyard version Icon
The Phoenix Vineyard Wailer Mk IV is specifically designed to protect Vineyards, Sweet Corn, Sunflowers and other tall crops.
Ag wailer icon
The Phoenix Wailer Mk IV Bird Deterrent System controls bird problems for Horticulture, Viticulture, Fruit Growing, Arable Crops, Fish Farm Buildings and Mine Tailings Ponds
Squawker Icon
The Squawker Mk IV is the economy version of the Phoenix Mk IV Wailer for smaller producers or areas. Utilizing the very latest sound technology.
Corn Maze Icon
The Phoenix Corn Maze is designed to startle people in Corn Mazes
Critternet for vineyards 1
Critternet Electric Netting is a durable, versatile and portable Electric Fencing System and comes complete with its own posts.