Phoenix Airport Wailer Mk V

Mk V Airport Wailer 1 

The Phoenix Airport Wailer Mk V is a system that causes birds to move away from airport runways and helipads, using high fidelity natural sounds such as distress calls, alarm calls and cries of predators. This system creates a zone which is uncomfortable and threatening for most bird species, and so they leave. We assess each airport for the species of birds which cause problems, and create a program which is constantly changing and moving the sounds to lessen habituation. Every wailer system is pre-programmed and site specific for indigenous species.

In some places there are species which have no natural predators (e.g vultures, kites). The wailer also contains a repertoire of 25 very loud electronic sounds (>124dBs) which can be included in the ever changing program.

The all new Mk V system carries the randomized program in the onboard system memory, which is specific to the wailer. However, the program can be added to, or changed (e.g if new sounds become available) using a email link from our head office directly to our customers or dealers.

Reduces the risk of strikes

Birds pose a safety threat to airplanes especially during landing and take-off. When birds strike an aircraft travelling at high speed, the impact can sometimes be impressive. The ensuing damages are often substantial, in terms of both financial losses and loss of life. The Phoenix Airport Wailer Mk V is designed to alleviate this situation.

A system based on an exclusive approach

The Phoenix Airport Wailer Mk V differs from competing products in that it causes birds to move away gradually rather than startling them and driving them off, only to have the birds return later. The Phoenix Airport Wailer Mk IV is easy and quick to install. It does not involve the use of chemicals, requires no propane, explosives or guns, can be operated 24 hours a day, and is inexpensive to run. Its effectiveness rate can be up 97%, as shown in scientific trials conducted at airports in India over the last two years. It should be considered as a core system in any bird deterrent and wildlife management program carried out for airport runways.

Wailer Operating Light + FAA

Optional LED light to indicate system is on.                  FAA certified frangible coupling.


Airport Wailer bird deterrent solutions delivered around the world 

Phoenix Agritech (Canada) Ltd. has deployed its bird deterrent systems in a number of major airports.

All users unanimously agree on the reliability and effectiveness of the system which can combine the sounds according to the target species.

Here is a brief list of some of the locations where the Airport Wailer has been deployed:


Halifax Airport, Nova Scotia

St. Johns Airport, Newfoundland

Regina Airport , Saskatchewan

Grande Prairie Airport, Alberta  

Quebec City Airport, Quebec

L’Isle-aux-Grues Airport, Quebec  

Montmagny Airport, Quebec   

USA San Francisco Airport, California


Changi Airport, Singapore

Hong Kong Airport, Hong Kong

Brunei Airport, Brunei

Middle East

Baku Airport, Azerbaijan

Astana Airport, Kazakhstan


UN Helipad, Freetown, Sierra Leone,

UN Airport, Juba, South Sudan


Barbados Airport, Barbados

Grand Cayman Airport, Grand Cayman 

Bulgaria Sofia Airport
Phoenix Airport Wailer
Installed at Halifax International Airport
Phoenix Airport Wailer
Installation at Beirut Airport, Lebanon